Wonder Woman 1975-1979 COMPLETE S01-S03 DVDRip XviD-NoGrp

A long time heroine in the DC comic books, Wonder Woman makes the jump to the television screen in hour long episodes of this weekly series. Wonder Woman is a member of a group known as Amazons that lives on Paradise Island that journeys to America to fight evil and injustice wherever it is found. When she is not dressed in the red, white and blue costume that makes for a spectacular sight wherever she is, the heroine is in her other identity as Diana Prince, a conservatively dressed woman who no one knows is secretly Wonder Woman.

For the first season of the series, it is set during World War II times and Wonder Woman faces foes common to the era such as Nazi saboteurs and spies. Upon the start of the second season, the series is set in present day times with a slightly different costume for the heroine but the goal of defeating evil in the name of truth, love and mankind remains the same.

The lead role of Diana/Wonder Woman was played by Lynda Carter, a relatively unknown actress at the time. However, her energy and vitality in the role made it a role that she is still remembered for to this day. With Lyle Waggoner in the role of Steve Trevor and a host of great guest stars that appeared regularly, Wonder Woman is a series that a viewer is sure not to forget!